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Identity and Self Worth

October 7, 2013

Identity and Self Worth


“Who am I if I’m not his Wife?”

From a recently divorced woman. I’ve actually heard this several times lately from divorced women.

I completely understand how hard it can be to figure out who you are after spending so much time with the deepest connection in you life.

But ladies, we need to stop defining ourselves by the roles we play (wife, mom, science teacher, etc). We are so much more than that.

We need to start defining ourselves by our qualities (compassionate, caring, considerate, great dancer, etc).

Think of it this way, who were you before you got married? What interested you while you were married? What are you passionate about now? That’s a great place to start and the rest will follow.

Hearing these thoughts voiced by women is part of why I’m blogging now. I want to help women value themselves, find their voice, and speak their truth.

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