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Hidden Cameras Continued

Written September 24, 2013

Unfortunately this wasn’t a prank. My daughter actually got caught stealing candy from a store. I had a lot of time to think on the bus ride home since we were stuck in traffic. I also got a call from my mom and my husband telling me what happened and that they both had a talk with her.

Something strange happened when I talked to my mom. She said my daughter called to say what happened and sounded very remorseful – that wasn’t the strange part :-). The strange part was when my mom told me to go easy on her and calm down before talking to her. Now this was weird because my mom is usually the tough one. When my daughter was in middle school she stayed with my mom because her house was closer to her school. My daughter used to come to me and beg me to ask my mother for permission for things because she thought my mom would be upset with her. She was even afraid to tell her she went to the library after school when she was supposed to go to my mom’s house first. So when my mom told me to stay calm and hear her out I knew there was more to the story.

So instead of flipping out when I got home I decided to do the complete opposite – say nothing for a day or two. My daughter kept calling me and texting me while I was on my way home to explain what happened. I kept telling her we’ll talk later. When I got home I found a letter from her on the kitchen counter.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me and you don’t like me anymore but I am really sorry. My friend was stealing and I told her no but she put the candy in my bag.”

The letter went on for a while explaining what lead up to the incident in the store. I waited a day or two to finally speak to her. By the time we talked she was very remorseful. Her friend had even called me and left me a message saying not to blame my daughter and it was all her fault because she was stealing the candy to sell it at school.

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