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Woman Smiling

Confession, I Found My New Addiction

The other day I was so proud of myself for running all my errands and cooking 3 meals before 5pm. Well, the next day I messed up. One of my errands lead me to these chips.

I bought one bag to try them out. Almost finished it in one day but I left some for my husband to try. Once he told me he was about to finish the bag I knew I had to buy more. The only problem was I did so much running around that day I forgot what store I got them from. So I decided I would try to track them down the next morning after I dropped my son off at day care. The plan was for me to go back home after the day care to pick up my daughter and bring her to school. Her ankle was bothering her and I didn’t want her to walk like she normally does.

I must confess. I called her from the supermarket once I found the chips and told her she had to walk because I wouldn’t make it back home in time. She didn’t know the reason why I was running late. I blame it on the chips. They are so good that my son pushed aside his meatballs tonight and kept asking for more. Its a good thing I bought 3 bags!

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