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Woman Smiling

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Park

September 21, 2013

So, in my last post I was inspired to get up, get going, and live life! Well, there were some challenges. The tough thing about having a teen and a toddler is that they are practically in different time zones. I try to keep my son on his day care schedule even on the weekends which means I need to take him outdoors to burn off energy and play pretty early (before noon) so he can have lunch and be ready for his nap by 12:30. The problem with this is my daughter doesn’t wake up until 12pm
sometimes. Today her allergies were bothering her so she actually got up around 10 and wanted to walk to the park with us. Great right? Taking both children out for some exercise and fun. Well, my daughter wasn’t ready to leave until 11:45 and my son wanted juice and a nap.

I thought “well there goes our chance to go out.” It was supposed to rain this afternoon which was another reason I wanted to get out early. I slowly started losing my motivation and that song I had in my previous post was becoming a distant memory.
But things started looking up. My son didn’t get tired and he asked for his jacket.  Whew! I thought he was down for the count! So off we went. It started to drizzle but that didn’t deter us. We continued our half hour walk to the park and let my son play for about another half hour. When we got to the park he tore off his jacket and was off!

The drizzling stopped and the sun came out. My daughter’s allergy even started clearing up. She said the fresh air helped. All in all it was a good day and that song is now stuck in my head. And here’s the pay off….

Good night all, ’til next time!

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